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Since 1989, I’ve been helping others use technology to meet their goals, manage information, improve a variety of work and personal processes, create products, and generally solve problems

From setting up websites and blogs to helping individuals, departments, and companies revamp their workflows, my services vary according to the specific needs of each client.

With over 20 years of working with a wide spectrum of technology as a trainer, consultant, developer, artist and tech enthusiast, I bring a vast and unique experience to my work.


Since my projects are tailored to each client, my process involves engaging in each client’s business as if it were my own. I then create a solution based on the client’s needs.

While I provide this as a sample list of areas I have worked in, the nature of my services allows me to work within a wide range of industries.

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» Website development

» Website backups and security maintenance

» Content management

» Live back-end for dynamic websites

» Forms creation and data-mining

» Blog customization and design


» Integrated modular systems

» Connecting web, workstations, smart devices

» Syncing decentralized solutions


» Warehoused inventory management

» Invoicing and payment tracking

» Gallery management (Curator)

Customer Relationship Management

» Historical tracking and follow ups

» Marketing campaigns

» Mailing list management


» Information tracking at the departmental and corporate levels

» Web-based reporting solutions

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